Mahabharat Katha And All Episode (✿❦ ͜ʖ ❦)

Mahabharat Katha is a historical tale. Many character incidents have been mentioned in Mahabharata. Listening to the Mahabharat story makes the mind popular. And the mind has the experience of peace. And in the mind, there is a pity

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And proper mention has been made in the story and in Mahabharat Katha, it is administered in the urine and is filled with many emotions. Mahabharat Katha This is a Yugo Yugo story. And people get a true message from this story so that the true sentiment is reflected in the society. And from this, the image of a Mahabharat is told, in the story of Mahabharat, there is a lot of peace of mind.

mahabharat katha,mahabharat episode,videos

Mahabharat is not about a war between two families, nor is it a war to get the Hasina Pur Raj Sabha, but this story is between Dharma and Ardham that this war has been going on since eternity. We all know that Lord Vishnu takes his own avatar to establish a religion in every era, so he had incarnated as Lord Shri Vasudev in the late period to establish religion again. Hristina was definitely made on Pur, but it did not happen between Yud Karvavo and Panduro. The history of Hasina Pur was full of big Gorev Shali kings, and the biggest kingdom of the era was the Hastana Pur of Mahabharat. It was at the end of the year that the body had died many years ago.

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